Our story ...

Nyrak is a progressive black metal band, based in Belgium. The music reflects various musical influences, using a range of sounds to shape the songs. The music could partly be labeled as black metal with additional cinematic influences. The Nyrak concept stands for (progressive) music with a clear intersection between metal and film/game orchestrations. Nyrak stands for its own identity when it comes to sound and songs.


The band was founded in 2021 by Guy Van Nieuwenhove (aka Nevel - Gotmoor). At first it was only intended as a solo studio project. The main aim was to bring together influences from different styles, based on Scandinavian black metal. For the release of Nyrak's debutalbum 'Malvs' (25 Oct. 2022), he opted to collaborate with several sessions musicians for drum, violin, and cello recordings. Since April 2022, the band has a permanent line-up.


The second album 'Devourer of All will be released May 3rd.