Our story ...

Nyrak is a progressive black metal band, based in Belgium and Germany. The band was founded in 2021 by Nevel (Gotmoor). At first it was only intended as a solo studio project. The main aim was to bring together influences from different styles, based on Scandinavian black metal. Low tuned guitars and classical instruments (violin, cello, piano, horns, tuba, clarinet, ...) as well as a more atypical approach to black metal music and vocals, aim to set Nyrak apart from the slew of releases currently available.
A few months later, Nevel was joined by Nihil (Hangman's Hymn, ex-Saille, ex-Herfst) for vocals.

For the first release, Nevel opted to collaborate with several session musicians from Columbia for drum, violin, and cello recordings (Rudolf Brühl and the Medellin Philharmonic Orchestra). The recordings of all guitar and bass parts were done by himself.

In the meantime, Nevel and Nihil's urge to perform Nyrak live grew.

Since April 2021, the band has a permanent line-up consisting of a mix of old black metal veterans and young talents.